Project Description

Social media sporty lifestyle marketing campaign images

Social Media Sporty-Lifestyle Protein Marketing Campaign

Social Media Campaign Planning • Digital Assets Design • Social Media Platform Submission

To promote a healthy, high-protein and exercise-heavy lifestyle, a social media campaign was launched featuring beautiful, colorful and powerful imagery. Depicting the various exercises and poses in conjunction with the product creates the necessary association for the company’s audience and potential customers. The successful campaign launched simultaneously on Facebook, (banners, covers, ads and sponsored posts), Instagram, Twitter, and periodic e-blast campaigns to a growing audience. Each platform has specific requirements as to size of digital assets as well as the amount of text that can be included within a banner to be approved as ads.

Project Details

Skills Needed:
Project Planning, Branding, Social Media Marketing

My Role:
Digital Assets Design, Photo Manipulation, Social Media Platforms Specs Check and Submission