Project Description

laundry detergent custom packaging design
natural cleaners custom packaging design
laundry detergent tradeshow booth design
laundry detergent display standee design
natural cleaners digital ads
natural cleaners digital ads
natural cleaners video commercials

Natural Laundry Detergents and Cleaners

Packaging • Advertising • Tradeshow Design • Point of Purchase Display

Simply Soap Berry™ a revolutionary product, uses all natural Himalayan soap berries for concentrated laundry cleaning, available in original and Baby versions.
The project calls for a fresh and natural brand identity showing the Himalayan mountain origins of the berries without missing the very concentrated & powerful nature of the cleaning solution.

To compete properly on the shelves of the natural stores, the packaging was designed to be unique and beautiful, walking the fine line between a highly informative and yet a clean/uncluttered layout. Adding a deeper challenge to the project is the importance of marrying the new labels to the already existing line of original and baby 128 load bottles while maintaining a clear differentiation for easy recognition on the store shelves.

The completed project consists of 4 bottles with front and back labels, line extensions, a tradeshow booth used at Natural Products Shows such as the annual Natural Products Expo, sellsheets, videos, and a point of purchase tabletop display.

Project Details

Skills Needed:
Design, Project Planning, Branding

My Role:
Packaging Design, Print & Digital Advertising, Flexographic Printing, Tradeshow Design, Video Production