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Using Videos to Market Your Real Estate Properties

Videos are a great marketing tool, more effective and attractive than the written word or a still image. Combined with motion, transitions and music, the experience makes it much easier to engage potential residential or commercial tenants, and increase the chance of a sale or a lease.

While video presentations of photos and information used to be expensive, cumbersome processes, creating content has become faster and more cost effective, putting great videos within reach for any real estate agent, property management company, investors or even home owners looking to sell.

Surprisingly, only about 9-12% of real estate agents use videos in their marketing efforts, while recent surveys show over 75% of potential customers report video is the very hook that captured their attention in the first place.


real estate video marketing

1. Easy. Beautiful. Effective. Sharable.
Working with templates, a professional can now produce a great video with music in a matter of hours. Those videos, uploaded to YouTube are easily sharable on social media, property website and even sharable among your potential customers.

2. Competitive

Videos set you apart from traditional real estate marketing efforts that feature a static list of features and a few key photos. It encourages the viewer to connect with you and seek out more information.

3. Increase Effectiveness of Landing Pages:
Whether the home page of a website, or an internal page dedicated to a specific property, videos increase conversion, back linking and ultimately your search engine ranking, which in turn brings in more visitors to the page.

4. Video is Everywhere:

From Facebook to Instagram and TikTok, people have come to expect video and motion on the pages and apps they regularly use to “spoon-feed” them the relevant information they are seeking. Your real estate video feels like a natural extension of that approach.

5. Return on Investment:
Due to the falling costs of creating video content, the ROI (return on investment) has sharply increased, making videos a clear choice and a frontrunner for marketing efforts and advertising on the web.

About the Author:

CAS Real Estate Solutions LogoChris Shemza is the president of CAS Real Estate Marketing, a Los Angeles-based firm providing design and marketing services to residential and commercial real estate companies since 1998. CAS Real Estate Marketing has a team of professional photographers, videographers and floorplan drawing specialists who create the different assets, including virtual tours, printed brochures, building signs and much more.

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