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CAS Production & Branding   •   2019

A great brand creates an emotional connection with its audience. That is a powerful marketing tool that encourages customer loyalty, repeat business and word-of mouth referrals, all essentials tools for the success of any company.

Branding: A marketing process used to differentiate your product, service or name from other competing products and alternatives.
A loved and easy recognizable brand is the single most important asset a company has, which is why companies spend so much time, money, and manpower on creating, maintaining and updating as necessary, their brand positioning.

Successful branding is an integral part of developing products in today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace. From retail products that require distribution to professional services, from pet products to food to real estate, every brand requires precise positioning with the customer experience first and foremost in mind. The positioning of brands creates a relationship, a connection between the brand and the customer, building loyalty and increasing sales. Who is your customer? Where and what do they purchase? what are their expectations, wants and needs? All these questions are answered to create a fit between your brand and your target market.

Below are the key points in creating a successful branding strategy. They should be followed, periodically reviewed and adjusted as your products evolve, and as your customers’ wants and needs evolve as well:


Residential real estate brandingAcross the different channel of communication, it is imperative to keep a constant look, feel and message so your customers recognize you quickly and are never confused about your offerings or mission. Whether we are discussing packaging in stores, signs on a building, your website, social media, tradeshows, or print advertising, a consistent brand message is key.
The look and feel of brand communication will first be defined by the use of a the logo, colors, fonts and images, followed by a consistent message.

Clear understanding and definition of the brand strategy

Who are your main target customers and how to reach them? Your brand strategy involves the how, where and when your communication will be most effective in engaging your customers. For every product or company those answers may be different, so understanding your market is essential for success.

Elevation of a brand

To power up your brand, enhance the perception of quality and create a relatable feel, a brand can be associated with a benefit, and perhaps a familiar face. Customers are seeking different goals such happiness, a better life, health, celebrity status and much much more. Understanding those needs and communicating those benefits in your ads, web or packaging is important for the emotional connection. Showing your products being used by recognizable figures (such as athletes, celebrities), or in famous locations or events can dramatically elevate a brand status from unknown to household name.

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