So… what’s all this WordPress website talk anyway?

CAS Production & Branding   •   2019

Advantages of WordPress Websites

Thinking of rebuilding your website and considering WordPress?
More and more websites are switching to using WordPress as the platform for their new sites, (CAS Production & Branding included). The typical lifespan of a website is 2-4 years, depending on the industry, before it is time for a refresh, both in design and in technology to remain competitive. We are in the process of rebuilding a number of clients’ website this way right now.

There are many reasons to switch over to a WordPress platform from the previous standards of HTML website.

Here are the top reasons to use WordPress in your new website:

1. WordPress website are adaptive: they change size and layout depending on which screen you are on, which means you now have a mobile-friendly website without needing a separate site. Your site will look good on smart phone, iPads and large monitors.
2. Google loves WordPress sites! Because they are updated and the content structure, WordPress site rank better than static websites, making you more competitive.
3. Easy to update: a backend control panel, similar to a word processor allows you to easily update text and page-content graphics across the site without programming knowledge.
4. Themes: There are thousands of pre designed, flexible themes to use for a WordPress website. A new site can have many features, previously more complex to built, with a few simple clicks, and themes can be switched to give your site a new layout but keeping the same content.

More and more of the new websites I am working on are built in WordPress and the results are both beautiful, adaptive and easy to keep up to date.

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