16 years of experience in marketing and graphic design have seen the creation of a number of sister websites to the CAS Production & Marketing family.

This allows us to expand further on niches for specific market segments and present special skills.

See our sister sites below. Click on any of the images to visit the sites.

Real Estate Solutions

Our Real Estate solutions focused site. See recent real estate projects and read about our capabilities. From photography and 3D renderings to floor plans, brochures, and building banners.

Elemental Compositions

Los Angeles-based Elemental, describes the world around him using color and movement in abstract compositions, in a style best described as cubo-futurism. Inspired by master cubists Picasso and Braque, Expressionist Lyonel Feininger, various Futurists, namely Popova and Boccioni, as well as the works of David Carson, Elemental blends styles in digital compositions to create both balance and stress. The art works are printed in high Giclée quality on canvas and aluminum for a finished gallery look.

Secrets to Great Packaging

See examples of our packaging work and learn what makes great packaging works
in the competitive retail environment.