At CAS Production & Marketing we pride ourselves at the wide range of services we offer, but we really specialize in offering complete packages to clients who require a customized set of offerings to bring a product or service to market.

Website Design and Programming


Website Design & Development

We have been building websites since 1998 for a variety of clients in multiple industries. From E-Commerce to Flash Animation, Database-driven sites to Content-management, CAS Production has the capabilities and experience to design, build and launch a professional website for you or your company.

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Custom Packaging Design

We design and produce custom packaging solutions for every use. Our customers include food manufacturers (both ready and in powder forms), car accessories manufacturers, pet products manufacturers, entertainments companies and electronics accessories retailers.

Each package is catered to fit a different market and standout in a large, highly competitive marketplace.

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Custom packaging design


Brochures and catalogs design

Brochures and Catalogs

We design and produce beautiful, colorful brochures and catalogs to serve product manufacturers, service-oriented companies and real estate companies who require such collateral for each one of their properties.

From complete photography, copywriting and layout design, to professional quality printing, your brochures will create a lasting impression.

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Advertising Campaigns

Working with a variety of markets, CAS Production has been producing single ads and any size and full advertising campaigns, advertising products, services, announcements and new and existing real estate properties, in multiple languages, both in print and online.

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Advertising design


Tradeshow booths design

Tradeshow booths design

From large, colorful tradeshow murals to smaller, floor and tabletop displays and tradeshow banners and posters, we design and produce full tradeshow booth packages for any industry. Our work has been featured in large, nationwide shows such as Comdex®, E3 Electronic Expo®, Natural Food Expo and others.

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3D Rendering and Animation

We create beautiful, 3D landscapes, buildings and model apartments and product mockups to be used in advertising, building banners, websites or to be used in fully animated 3D virtual tours, using the latest software and techniques available.

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3D rendering and animation

Interactive Media & CDs

Interactive Presentations

Interactive CDs are great for animated presentations and are a great way to present a new product, a real estate property or hotel while keeping to the company’s branding and message through an interactive experience.

STEP 1: Preplanning
Decide on look & feel, and purpose of presentation.

STEP 2: Design & Programming
All design of menu, layout of items, animation and relevant programming and testing.

STEP 3: Duplication & Packaging
Whether a CD or DVD, we can handle the duplication at any quantity and the design and printing of the packaging.

Colorful Printed Banners

Wall or building banners, printed in spectacular color on vinyl, cloth or mesh, are a powerful way to communicate information about a new property or your company’s services to prospective customers.

Built at size, from a few inches to building size, these banners are both cost effective and can last a long time indoors or outdoors.

Colorful printed banners


Professional Photography

Professional Photography & Retouching Services

We offer full photography services for products and locations. We shoot our photos with high resolution digital cameras so that the end results would be both web-ready and print-ready.

Photographing a property is very different from photographing an aquarium. We have the knowledge and experience to create a custom lighting package that will make your products come alive.


Translation Services

Need to communicate with a global audience?

Our various clients from around the world often require translation services for their on and offline projects. We have translated packages and userguides of hunderds of products, websites meant for international audiences and interative animated presentations.

Previous Projects:
Entertainment websites for the TV shows Friends®Third Watch® and ALF®were translated to Italian, German, Spanish and French.

An aquarium products manufacturer’s animated presentation was rebuilt in Japanese: Pro Series PS3 (Flash Animation)

Translation services

Illustration services

Illustration Services

Turn architectural plans into large, colorful, mounted sitemaps that could attract new tenants on the front of your building. Turn product pictures into assembly or functionality illustrations to fit on the side of the box or in a userguide.

Illustrations are a great and clear way to explain your product functions, or to leave your new tenants with detailed floormaps of their apartment.

From architectural plans to colorful sitemaps, from photographs to detailed assembly illustrations, this has been an integral part of our customers’ projects.