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High End Pet Product Ad Design


A clean layout for a new line of dog and cat toys.


Petco® Aquarium Powerhead Pump Packaging

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Custom designed package using Petco's design specifications and part of a series of pumps.


Canadian Aquarium Kit Design


A revolutionary aquarium kit package design, made in Canada, for the Canadian and U.S. marketplaces.


Pet Housing Ad Layout


Photography and ad design branding TOM Aquarium's line of Pet Products.

Professional Aquarium Photography

Aquarium and Pet Housing Photography


Aquarium photography can be tricky. To be lighted and photographed properly, both shadows and reflections from the water and aquarium walls have to be taken into consideration. Water and fish movement further add challenges, which is why great aquatic photography looks so beautiful and, unlike static non-reflective objects, should be done professionally using professional tools of the trade. Effective for packaging, sales collateral and websites, beautiful aquarium and pet housing photography is key to standing out on competitive, crowded store shelves. See a few examples of CAS Production's aquarium photography below.

Pet Buddies' Website

Pet Buddies’s Website


Pet Buddies designs and manufactures high quality pet toys. Creative designs, rich bold colors and a constant eye on safety and function separate Pet Buddies' creations from the other products in the marketplace. Visit Pet Buddies's Website Here

Hawkeye Aquariums's Website

Hawkeye Aquariums’s Website


Hawkeye is committed to providing the most innovative aquarium starter kits in the marketplace. Our NEW AquaView 360 is a testament to that dedication. Hawkeye's state of the art manufacturing facility in Fenton, Missouri is equipped with the latest in manufacturing technology, including automated part handling equipment. Their Engineering Department uses the latest 3D design software to design our products. To ensure maximum quality, Hawkeye also use high tech software that allows us to see how parts perform in the production environment. Hawkeye's manufacturing and engineering staff includes some of the most experienced and talented in the industry. When it comes to raw materials we never compromise for cost, They use only what is best for the end product we produce and sell. Visit Hawkeye Aquariums's Website Here


Aquarium Advertising


Advertising Aquarius 360, a line of specialty aquariums with different LED lights.


Aquarium Filter System Advertising


Advertising the improved high end salt-water filtration system, the Rapids Pro Filter .


Classy Aquarium Advertising


Targeting the high end demographic, a classy approach to advertising aquariums.

Aquarium and Pet Housing Photography

Pet and Reptile Portable Houses


Colorful label designs for a series of pet and reptile houses for TOM Aquarium Products.


Technical Illustrations

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Mainly for the backside of packaging or for user guides, these highly detailed technical illustrations are a key tool in correct and easy-to-follow assembly and operation instructions.


TOM Aquarium – 10′ tradeshow backdrop


For TOM Aquarium's booth at Global Pet Expo, a 10 foot beautiful underwater backdrop. The 10 foot backdrop is a part of a larger 30 foot booth at the show, featuring company products, banners and brochures. See photos from the Expo HERE


Mini Internal Aquarium Filter

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Custom clamshell and bag packaging for an internal aquarium filter product sold at Petco® stores.

Tom Aquarium's Website

Tom Aquarium’s Website


TOM Aquarium specializes in terrariums, aquarium kits, aquarium care products, power heads, powerfilters, air pumps, mechanical and bio filters. Visit Tom Aquarium's Website Here