dit da jow bottles label design

Healing Ointment – Label Design

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Label design for a powerful healing ointment called Dit Da Jow. Dit Da Jow is a potent liquid blend of ancient Chinese herbs and rich essential oils used for centuries to assist in the healing of bruising, impact trauma, bone and joint soreness, swelling, and stiffness. The soothing ointment penetrates deep and immediately begins to release blocked energy meridians and bring quick relief and healing to the affected area. The label combines a modern, clean design for American customers, alongside Chinese elements, letters, and gold and silver strokes to accentuate the ancient powerful formula inside.

from start to vegan video series

From Start to Vegan Video Series

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Join Heather Ranson Clay on her journey as she investigate the reasons why people go vegan, the advice they have for people on a similar journey, and the ways to maximize health. This is her journey From Start to Vegan! The 3 videos below are the teasers for the full episodes available at: http://growingnaturals.com/from-start-to-vegan/


Natural Laundry Detergent Advertising Campaign


A series of colorful digital ads and banners marketing Simply Soapberry™, a natural powerful laundry detergent made out of soapberries. Targeting a demographic of young women and new mothers, the emphasis of the campaign is on the cleanliness, natural and baby-skin friendly nature of the products while maintaining excellent cleaning power.


Recipe for Men™ Cosmetics

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Recipe for Men™ (http://www.recipeformenusa.com), a line of popular Scandinavian cosmetics for men, is entering the U.S. competitive marketplace. Logical Skincare, the company behind the packaging, enlisted CAS Production & Marketing to innovate and treat, both boxes and labels, to better fit the crowded and competitive U.S. marketplace while maintaining the original brand identity, so familiar and successful in Europe.


Bio-Patches packaging designed

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Bio-Patches is a revolutionary technology that utilizes the ancient Chinese medicine tradition to help detoxify the body while helping you decrease aches and pains, improve circulation and increase energy levels. Based on the principles of reflexology and acupressure, Bio-Patches contains all-natural ingredients including Vitamin C, Bamboo Vinegar, Chitosan, Loquat Leaf, Tourmaline and Dextrin that combine to pull toxins from the body. CAS Production & Marketing created a unique brand identity for the 3 lines: bamboo, lavender and rose, in 10, 24 and 120 piece boxes. The look was carried further into advertising and stationery.


Laundry Detergent Sellsheets

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Sell sheets design and printed for Simply Soapberry, the popular, concentrated & natural laundry detergent made from Non-GMO organic soapberries. Displaying the current line of 4 original and baby products, the sell sheets communicate all the relevant information about this wonderful product but maintain a clean, natural layout throughout.

Tradeshow Presentation Folder Design

Tradeshow Presentation Folder Design

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A presentation folder designed for Simply SoapBerry™, a natural yet powerful laundry detergent, part of a family of household cleaners that aim to being clean, hypoallergenic products to a market saturated by chemical-laden cleaners.

Simply Soapberry Laundry Detergent

Natural Laundry Detergent Packaging Design

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Simply Soapberry™ is adding 2 new products to its already successful line of 128 load laundry detergents. The new 64-load bottles are geared toward first time users who would like to try the product at half the cost of the original product while still enjoying powerful cleaning from organic non-gmo soapberries. To compete properly on the shelves of the natural stores, the packaging was designed to be unique and beautiful, walking the fine line between a highly informative and yet a clean/uncluttered layout. Adding a deeper challenge to the project is the importance of marrying the new labels to the already existing line of original and baby 128 load bottles while maintaining a clear differentiation for easy recognition on the store shelves.  

Simply soapberry's Professor Soapberry

Professor SoapBerry

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To add a funny twist to the campaign marketing the popular Simply SoapBerry™ line of natural laundry detergents, a "Professor SoapBerry" was invented. Funny and quirky, Professor SoapBerry does an excellent job explaining the many differentiating points that make SoapBerry such a great product. It's all natural, made from organic soapberries, it is powerful yet gentle, softens naturally and one 32 oz bottle will last a year(!) at 2 loads per week. The response to the videos was excellent when they were shown at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California. The three videos created for the show are shown below.

Simply SoapBerry Tradeshow Booth design

Natural Laundry Detergent Tradeshow Booth Design

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For the Natural Products Expo, CAS Production & Marketing was tasked with creating a 10' backdrop for a pop up tradeshow booth with a podium. The Simply SoapBerry™ natural cleaning products can be used in many different areas of the house, from the kitchen to bathroom and for laundry. The booth design demonstrates that clearly while maintaining the natural "organic soapberries" look and feel. See Simply SoapBerry™ Packaging    Simply SoapBerry's Booth at the Expo See more Tradeshow Projects Here


Natural Living Ad Design – Organic Protein Powders and Laundry Detergents

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A tabloid-size ad, designed and produced for a natural health magazine, to feature two brands side by side: Growing Naturals, a Pure Plant Protein company and Simply SoapBerry, maker of all natural cleaning products made with concentrated extracts from Himalayan Soapberries. The campaign aims to demonstrate the clean living concept, but showing the two halves: drinking healthy nutrition for the inside, while using  all-natural cleaning products for the outside: clothes who touch our skin all day. The look and feel of the ad stays close to Growing Naturals' design of Packaging, website and tradeshow booth.

Style on Green's Website

Style on Green’s Website


A successful consignment store needed to launch a classy online presence, that would stay consistent with their current print marketing efforts. CAS Production created a the site and provided a content management system for adding new featured items for sale on their website. Style on Green offers outstanding service for over 30 years to their customers and our consignment clintele who come from New York, Chicago, San Francisco, La Jolla and Beverly Hills to contract with Style on Green to sell there beautiful and well cared for apparel and accessories. More than 200 pieces of clothing, shoes, handbags and jewelry are added daily to the inventory at Style on Green. Shopping at Style on Green is the Stylish thing for you to do for the best selection of designer fashions. Visit Style on Green's Website Here

Sparkling Sage's Website

Sparkling Sage’s Website


A truely innovative Jewelry design company, who's beautiful website features their collections and press releases. Visit Sparkling Sage's Website Here


Simply SoapBerry™ Bottles

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Simply Soap Berry™ a revolutionary new product, uses all natural Himalayan soap berries for concentrated laundry cleaning, available in original and Baby versions. The project called for a fresh and natural brand identity showing the Himalayan mountain origins of the berries without missing the very concentrated & powerful nature of the cleaning solution.


Handbag Hangup™ Series


Design for a series of single and double Handbag Hangup packages sold at Target® stores and Bed Bath and Beyond®.

T-shirt designs for Natural Products Expo

Natural Products Expo Tradeshow T-Shirt Designs


For the popular Natural Products Expo, a 3 color T-Shirt designed to maintain Simply SoapBerry's™ brand identity using their logo, colors, and the green choice for the shirt since the company's products are natural and organic.


10 foot popup display

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A colorful 10 foot pop up booth representing Growing Naturals proteins and Simply SoapBerry™. Shelves attached hold products and a podium in front designed to fit the natural theme.


Tradeshow Freestanding Banners

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A set of 8 foot freestanding banners designed to represent Growing Naturals line of rice and pea proteins, rice drinks and the revolutionary Simply SoapBerry™ laundry detergent.