Petco® Aquarium Powerhead Pump Packaging

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Custom designed package using Petco's design specifications and part of a series of pumps.


DryNow™ Bags & Display Box

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Custom zip pouch in a retail display box designed for a revolutionary product that dries out wet cell phones.

Mastercraft Products' Website

Handbag Hangup’s Website


The popular Hangup series of products, sold at store nationwide from Target® to Bed Bath and Beyond®, offer convenient solutions for hanging handbags, scarves and hats. The Handbag Hangup™, Scarf Hangup™ and Cap Hangup™ are patented creations of Master Craft Products Corporation. Master Craft Corporation has been bringing new and unique consumer products to world markets since 1990. Our goal has always been to provide new and useful consumer products that provide beneficial solutions to everyday problems. Visit Handbag Hangup's Website Here


Ratchet Pruner


Clamshell package for Mastercraft's Ratchet Pruner product.


Technical Illustrations

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Mainly for the backside of packaging or for user guides, these highly detailed technical illustrations are a key tool in correct and easy-to-follow assembly and operation instructions.


Mini Internal Aquarium Filter

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Custom clamshell and bag packaging for an internal aquarium filter product sold at Petco® stores.