Rice Protein Study Results Ad


A third-page ad announcing the results of a new rice protein vs. whey protein study for Axiom Foods, Inc. The largest manufacturer of brown rice protein in the world.


Rice Protein vs. Whey Protein Comparison Ad


A new ad designed for Vitamin Retailer magazine announcing the results from on a new study show that rice protein is as good as whey in building lean muscle mass, but is also allergen-friendly.


Axiom Foods Allergen-Free Fiber ad


Axiom foods is the world’s largest supplier of whole grain brown rice protein. Since its inception, Axiom Foods has expanded their product line to offer other plant proteins such as sacha inchi and pea proteins. Axiom Foods recruited CAS Production & Marketing to design a new half page ad for its allergen-free fibers that are all natural and help control hunger, heart disease and control blood sugar. The ad is running in Nutritional Outlook magazine in the February 2013 issue.


Gluten Free Rice Pancake Mix


2-sided bag label design for a Japan-based rice mix company.


Custom Sake bottle design


For the holiday season, a custom Sho Chiku Bai Nigori (unfiltered Sake) bottle featuring a holiday greeting and the client's logo sandblasted into the glass and hand painted.

Kevin Hill Growing Naturals Testimonial

Fitness Trainer Testimonials Series


Branded testimonial videos of fitness trainer Kevin Hill talking about his workout methods and incorporating Growing Natural Proteins into his routine.


Axiom Foods™


Axiom Foods is the largest manufacturer or whole grain brown rice protein in the world, and a leading source for other plant proteins and ingredients. The site features product information, stylized animations and secure, member-only sections. Visit Axiom Foods Here


Rice Drink + Proteins


A deliciously smooth rice drink + protein canisters from Growing Naturals®. The rebranded, redesigned line come in chocolate, vanilla and original flavors.


Ingredient Manufacturer Tabletop Display

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A rice field landscape tabletop display For Axiom Foods' Supply Side West presence, featuring their line of ingredient offerings.


Simply Rice’ Packaging


Simply Rice makes a variety of delicious products made from organic, gluten-free Thai Jasmine rice. From Rice Thins and bags of brown, red and white rice, to savory side dishes and sweet rice cakes. Branding the Simply Rice line of products called for a high-end look and feel while preserving the natural feel, to compete properly on store shelves crowded with competing products.


Food Packaging: Gluten Free Rice Pancake Mix


2-sided bag label design for a Japan-based rice mix company.


Rice Protein Bag Label Design


Custom designed rice protein and rice milk labels for 1lb bags  


3D Renderings of Protein Canisters


If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video of a rotating 3D object goes even further. Widely used as marketing and sales tools, spinning 3D objects convey a sense of size, shape and color, whether viewed by retailers, suppliers or customers. These videos of the protein canisters, show the canisters in great color even imitating the light reflections off the gold band on the front and the glossiness of the labels themselves. Spinning 3D Renderings of the Canisters:


10 foot popup display

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A colorful 10 foot pop up booth representing Growing Naturals proteins and Simply SoapBerry™. Shelves attached hold products and a podium in front designed to fit the natural theme.


Tradeshow Freestanding Banners

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A set of 8 foot freestanding banners designed to represent Growing Naturals line of rice and pea proteins, rice drinks and the revolutionary Simply SoapBerry™ laundry detergent.

Strawberry Rice Protein Packaging

Strawberry Rice Protein Packaging Design and 3D Renderings

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Growing Naturals' new Strawberry Burst Rice Protein joins an already popular line of organic rice and other plant proteins. CAS Production's design for the 1lb and 2lb canisters maintains consistency with the rest of the brand while establishing a unique look and feel with the use of the strawberries, the pink drink and pink theme throughout. Since flavor is one of the key points driving the purchase decision on the store shelves, the delicious strawberry flavor is communicated clearly and beautifully. For presentation and marketing purposes, CAS Production created stunning 3D renderings at high resolution, recreated the material of the canisters, placed actual finished labels on the two size canisters and then added light reflections and shadows for a finished look. The delicious new Strawberry Burst Rice Proteins have now been released to great reviews! You can buy and read more about them on GrowingNaturals.com


Simply Rice Tradeshow Booth


A complete booth representing Simply Rice's line of rice cakes, rice crackers and thins. A clean and natural theme throughout to fit this line of organic thai jasmine products.


Axiom Foods 20 Foot Tradeshow Booth


A 20 foot tradeshow for the annual Supply Side West tradeshow, complete with a meeting space, flatscreen TV and panels with relevant product information.


Freestanding Banner for FIE Tradeshow


For FIE, (Food Ingredient Europe tradeshow), 2 freestanding banners showing Axiom Foods' new products offerings, private label and list of special services. Another specialized "street sign" was designed to fit the company's slogan: "Where Nature and Technology Meet".