Custom Wine Label Design and printing

Custom Wine Label designs

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Custom red & white wine labels designs, sent out as holiday gifts to customers featuring company branding, colors and a holiday message. The company's home city of Los Angeles and number of years in business have been worked into the layout in the tradition of whiskey label styling, normally representing the age of the whiskey itself.

Confections chocolate caramels packaging

Fudge bars and Caramels Confections Packaging

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Custom packaging design and production for a new line of delicious THC-infused dark chocolate fudge bars and sea salt caramels. The presentation is clean, simple and high end, to differentiate from the variety of similar products on the store shelves.

from start to vegan video series

From Start to Vegan Video Series

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Join Heather Ranson Clay on her journey as she investigate the reasons why people go vegan, the advice they have for people on a similar journey, and the ways to maximize health. This is her journey From Start to Vegan! The 3 videos below are the teasers for the full episodes available at: http://growingnaturals.com/from-start-to-vegan/


Plant Protein Products Advertising Campaign


For a successful line of rice and pea proteins and rice drinks, these campaigns announce new flavors being released and a $5 flash sale on rice drinks online. The ads' design matches the brand's message: clean, natural, and new.


Natural Products 10’x10′ Zippa Display and Counter


For the largest natural products show anywhere, the annual Natural Products Expo West, a popup 10'x10' zipper display, custom company video, custom tree holding natural detergent bottles and a custom designed back-lit counter.


Pea Protein Canister


A deliciously smooth pea protein product, in original and vanilla flavors. The labels called for a clean and informative design, while still branded to its sister, rice protein canisters, with clear differentiation between the two lines. Growing Naturals’ proteins are available in over 2,000 stores in the U.S., as well as Germany, France, Canada, and New Zealand and Australia, and online at www.GrowingNaturals.com The pea proteins are available in 1lb and 2lb canisters as well as in single serve packets, all printed using the highest quality flexographic printing techniques.   


New York Style Knish

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Photographed and designed to be part of a series of filled potato tarts. Retail oriented packaging to be sold at Ralph's and Costco.


Bite ’ems Rice Crackers Packaging

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Bite 'ems are new on the market and are made from organic Thai Jasmine rice in 4 flavors. The project called for a fun and exciting, yet natural feel for the flavorful gluten-free, whole-grain crackers.


New Savory Flavor Enhancer Ad


Axiom Foods, the largest manufacturer of brown rice protein in the world, offers a line of proteins, flavor enhancers, meat analogs and more. For this particular ad, Axiom Foods hired CAS Production & Marketing to show the variety of applications for its Oryzatein® SG-FE Savory Flavor Enhancer.


Guillot XO Cognac Box


Classy packaging for Guillot XO Cognac, printed on glossy stock with gold emobossing of the company's logo.


Ingredient Manufacturer Tradeshow video

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Axiom Foods' Supply Side West tradeshow video, featuring their complete product line and services.

Protein-rich recipes booklet

Protein-Rich Recipe Booklet

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A unique and beautiful quad-fold booklet, featuring delicious protein-rich recipes, all made using Growing Naturals' rice and pea plant proteins. The recipes were divided into savory and sweet dishes, set to a clean, modern and inviting layout while still educating the consumers on the differences between the protein sources. The prepared foods as well as Growing Naturals' in-house dietitian were professionally photographed to maintain high quality presentation throughout. The booklet, printed at large quantity, was handed out at the popular Natural Products Expo West and is available to download online as well.

lets talk protein brochure

Protein Trifold Brochure

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A beautiful and informative trifold brochure designed to educate consumers on the importance of adding protein to their diet, the difference between whey proteins and plant proteins, and unique benefits of different plant proteins such as rice protein, pea and hemp proteins. The brochure was printed and handed out at the popular Natural Products Expo West and is available to download online as well.

CAS Production-design packaging going to space

Blasting Off! CAS Production-design products go to space

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Growing Naturals’ Vanilla Brown Rice Protein, (packaging and labels designed by CAS Production), is really out of this world, as it’s soon launching into outer space by astronaut request. With 24g of protein per serving, it’s sure to keep the astronauts energized! Mission Accomplished.                       See more custom packaging design by CAS Production & Marketing

presentation folder design and printing

Tradeshow Press Folder Design

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A beautiful new press folder designed for a natural products company for the Natural Products Expo tradeshow. Featuring a selection of the company's products, the message is "healthy lifestyle", displayed in big, beautiful pictorials layouts, and printing on custom-made, glossy press folders with pockets to hold more information.


Tradeshow Freestanding Banners


Freestanding banners designed for an ingredient manufacturer for an upcoming tradeshow. The banners are designed as a series, offering all relevant products information, while maintaining a clean layout with the customer's brand identity clearly displayed.

Hemp Protein Packaging Design

Hemp Protein Packaging

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Creating a new line extension, Growing Naturals is adding a line of delicious and nutritious Hemp Proteins to their already successful Rice and Pea proteins products. The new canisters were designed in line with the current, and recognizable layout of products that sell in thousands of stores in the U.S. and in other countries around the world. The blue color differentiates the hemp line from the rice and pea and gives it a fresh new look. The 3D renderings below were custom made to represent the new hemp line, with realistic lights and shadows added in for realism. Rendered in high resolution, these renderings are good for web, print, magazine ads and tradeshow applications.

Ingredient Supplier 20' x 20' tradeshow booth

Ingredient Supplier 20′ x 20′ tradeshow booth

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Signing up for the largest tradeshow booth to date, Axiom Foods' embarked on a large-scale presentation of their line of plant proteins for Supply Side West 2014 tradeshow in Las Vegas. Keeping the larger size in mind meant filling up the space with beautiful, colorful messages while maintaining a clean, uncluttered overall feel. Aside from the company's printed collateral, (brochures, sellsheets, etc.), the new additions included: 2 display cases showcasing a variety of products, from pastas and skin creams, to supplements, energy drinks and power bars, all belonging to manufactures who use Axiom's proteins in their products. A colorful panoramic custom video presentation stretching over three 50" plasma screens designed to work in synch and display the Axiom's products, product features and direct applications.   Actual Application: Photos from Supply Side West 2014 Click on the photos for a larger view


Plant Proteins Tradeshow Backwall Display

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Natural Product Tradeshows are large and highly competitive. To represent their line of plant proteins in large, beautiful color, while delivering their healthy, allergen-friendly message with clear differentiation from their competitors, Growing Naturals enlisted CAS Production, Inc. to design a new, 10 foot x 10 foot custom back wall display. The final display includes lighting, a TV for video presentations and a shelving unit for the company's products. Actual Tradeshow Application Click on the photos for a larger view


Trifold Brochure Holders Design

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Built for retail applications, these trifold or quadfold brochure holders are custom design with different colors options including a clear case. The custom design is important when taking into consideration the retail shelf environment and products the brochures will be next to.


Plant Protein Full Page Ad

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A full page ad designed with the message that plant protein add to satiety and can make you "feel fuller longer", the ad targets natural products consumers.  


Tradeshow Sign – Plant Protein Awards


After being nominated and winning a number of awards for their rice and pea protein products, Growing Naturals requested a large sign for their Natural Products Expo tradeshow. Printed on glossy gatorboard for a sturdy yet vibrant presentation, the "Lightning Does Strike Twice" sign delivered the message of high quality loud and clear!

Freestanding banners

Natural Ingredients Tabletop Tradeshow


Communicating the right message is important whether presenting products and services in a 10'x10' tradeshow booth, a large 30'x30' island or at smaller shows requiring nothing more than a tabletop. For the show below, having a smaller space to present in, the message of powerful plant ingredients such as rice and yellow pea proteins is communicated using beautiful freestanding banners coupled with the companies custom product sell sheets, comparison sheets and canisters with product samples. Initial Mockup Design Actual Tradeshow Photo of Finished Presentation


Rice Crackers Photography


Food photography is key to successfully marketing existing and new food products on the retail shelves and online. Lighting, composition and detail all come into play in professional presentation and differentiation between flavors and from other products on the shelves. Hiring a professional photographer to capture food is especially important in order for the food to look appetizing and delicious. The Thai Jasmine rice crackers below come in 4 flavors, Thai BBQ, Original, Sour Cream & Onion and Mexican Fiesta. The final, color-corrected photos below were used in the packaging at the bottom of the page. Thai Jasmine rice crackers: Mexican Fiesta Flavor Thai Jasmine rice crackers: Sour Cream & Onion Flavor Thai Jasmine rice crackers: Thai BBQ Flavor Thai Jasmine rice crackers: Original Flavor Thai Jasmine rice crackers Packaging

Canadian rice proteins

Canadian Rice and Pea Protein packaging


Growing Naturals, expanding now to the Canadian markets, had the need for custom packaging labels to meet Canadian rules, namely the addition of Canadian-French for all English text, and a reformat of Nutritional information. After careful planning, current content was cut down to allow for the extra language to fit while keeping the labels clean and visually appealing. The same size and colors were used as the American and European labels to maintain consistency in brand identity across regions.

Natural Ingredient Supplier Popup Booth

Natural Ingredient Supplier Popup Booth Design

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For their attendance in new natural products and ingredient supply trade shows, Axiom Foods required a clean, easy to ship, popup display. The importance is to emphasize the various uses of the ingredients for multiple industries. The ingredients are natural, most are organic, allergen-friendly and high in proteins and are consumed by different consumer groups. Joining the back wall 10 foot display is a podium that holds the display for shipping and further emphasizes Axiom Foods' main product offerings. See photos of the Axiom Foods booth from the American Food Technology & Innovation Summit Here

Dessert packaging design

Cannelle Bordeaux – Dessert Packaging

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A Cannelle is a small French pastry, a specialty of the Bordeaux region of France, that features a a dark caramelized crust and soft and tender custard center. It is often flavored with rum and vanilla. Introducing the Cannelle Bordeaux, CAS Production & Marketing was tasked with creating a unique look and feel for package that demonstrated the sophisticated nature of the dessert. This was aided by professional photography of the desserts, and a stylized logo that was embossed with gold foil for a finishing touch.


Growing Naturals® Website

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Makers of natural products for all people, from rice and pea proteins to all natural cleaners, Growing Naturals is experiencing incredible growth and raving reviews worldwide. The beautiful new site includes a secure shopping cart, member only sections, discount programs, news and plenty of useful information on diets, nutrition as well as expert advice and recipes. Visit Growing Naturals


Natural Living Ad Design – Organic Protein Powders and Laundry Detergents

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A tabloid-size ad, designed and produced for a natural health magazine, to feature two brands side by side: Growing Naturals, a Pure Plant Protein company and Simply SoapBerry, maker of all natural cleaning products made with concentrated extracts from Himalayan Soapberries. The campaign aims to demonstrate the clean living concept, but showing the two halves: drinking healthy nutrition for the inside, while using  all-natural cleaning products for the outside: clothes who touch our skin all day. The look and feel of the ad stays close to Growing Naturals' design of Packaging, website and tradeshow booth.

Tradeshow T-shirt Designs

Tradeshow T-Shirt Design


For the popular Natural Products Expo, a 3 color T-Shirt designed to maintain Growing Natural's brand identity using their logo, colors, and the green choice for the shirt since the company's products are natural and organic.


Rice Proteins Packaging Design

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These Raw, organic rice proteins offer the most rice protein per serving and are the only 90% isolate. Available in chocolate, vanilla and original flavors, the labels needed to be splashy but clean, to capture attention while staying to true the natural character of the product. Growing Naturals' proteins are available in over 2,000 stores in the U.S., as well as Germany, France, Canada, and New Zealand and Australia, and online at www.GrowingNaturals.com The rice proteins are available in 1lb and 2lb canisters as well as in single serve packets, all printed using the highest quality flexographic printing techniques. Spinning 3D Renderings of the Canisters:


Drinks Dispenser Graphics


Design for side graphics affixed to a drinks machine. The machine is used by Axiom Foods to dispense rice milk, oat milk and other products offered.      


2013 Axiom Foods Tradeshow Booth


The Axiom Foods 20 foot has been redesigned for the 2013 Supply Side West Tradeshow. Booth mockup is shown below followed by the back panels layout showing Axiom Foods' product applications.  


Rice Protein Tabletop Display


A tabletop display designed for a line of rice proteins presentation, highlighting the study comparing the benefits of brown rice protein to whey protein.


10’x20′ Tradeshow Booth


A complete 10 foot x 20 foot booth for the Natural Products Expo in 2012. Complete with a shelving system for products, meeting area, and a flatscreen TV with a promotional video.  



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Infographics have been a very popular way to convey information very quickly. The large clutter of information people are exposed to everyday shortens people's attention spans and makes it harder to grab their attention. Infographics achieve that goal in a friendly, colorful way. The infographics below represent a campaign of messages for Growing Naturals' Winter Weight Challenge.