Plant Protein Products Advertising Campaign


For a successful line of rice and pea proteins and rice drinks, these campaigns announce new flavors being released and a $5 flash sale on rice drinks online. The ads' design matches the brand's message: clean, natural, and new.


Natural Laundry Detergent Advertising Campaign


A series of colorful digital ads and banners marketing Simply Soapberry™, a natural powerful laundry detergent made out of soapberries. Targeting a demographic of young women and new mothers, the emphasis of the campaign is on the cleanliness, natural and baby-skin friendly nature of the products while maintaining excellent cleaning power.


New Savory Flavor Enhancer Ad


Axiom Foods, the largest manufacturer of brown rice protein in the world, offers a line of proteins, flavor enhancers, meat analogs and more. For this particular ad, Axiom Foods hired CAS Production & Marketing to show the variety of applications for its Oryzatein® SG-FE Savory Flavor Enhancer.

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High End Pet Product Ad Design


A clean layout for a new line of dog and cat toys.


The Seacastle Flyer

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The Seacastle is a luxury apartment building on the beach in Santa Monica, CA with beautiful ocean views and stylized decor. The double sided flyer, printed on glossy paper with aqueous finish is among the many marketing tools serving the seacastle.


Laundry Detergent Sellsheets

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Sell sheets design and printed for Simply Soapberry, the popular, concentrated & natural laundry detergent made from Non-GMO organic soapberries. Displaying the current line of 4 original and baby products, the sell sheets communicate all the relevant information about this wonderful product but maintain a clean, natural layout throughout.


Plant Protein Full Page Ad

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A full page ad designed with the message that plant protein add to satiety and can make you "feel fuller longer", the ad targets natural products consumers.  


Pet Housing Ad Layout


Photography and ad design branding TOM Aquarium's line of Pet Products.

Rea Estate Advertising Campaigns

Real Estate Advertising Campaign


For Studio 837, a new condominium development in Los Angeles, a mixed-media campaign was launched, targeting different demographics and designing a series of newspaper and magazine ads to appeal to young couples, new families as well as older couples. The campaign was mainly in English but ultimately branched into Hebrew and Korean as well as shown below. The most important element across the many ads was brand consistency, both in look and message, as to maintain recognizability and identity across different medias.


Natural Living Ad Design – Organic Protein Powders and Laundry Detergents

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A tabloid-size ad, designed and produced for a natural health magazine, to feature two brands side by side: Growing Naturals, a Pure Plant Protein company and Simply SoapBerry, maker of all natural cleaning products made with concentrated extracts from Himalayan Soapberries. The campaign aims to demonstrate the clean living concept, but showing the two halves: drinking healthy nutrition for the inside, while using  all-natural cleaning products for the outside: clothes who touch our skin all day. The look and feel of the ad stays close to Growing Naturals' design of Packaging, website and tradeshow booth.



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Infographics have been a very popular way to convey information very quickly. The large clutter of information people are exposed to everyday shortens people's attention spans and makes it harder to grab their attention. Infographics achieve that goal in a friendly, colorful way. The infographics below represent a campaign of messages for Growing Naturals' Winter Weight Challenge.


Rice Protein Study Results Ad


A third-page ad announcing the results of a new rice protein vs. whey protein study for Axiom Foods, Inc. The largest manufacturer of brown rice protein in the world.


Rice Protein vs. Whey Protein Comparison Ad


A new ad designed for Vitamin Retailer magazine announcing the results from on a new study show that rice protein is as good as whey in building lean muscle mass, but is also allergen-friendly.


Aquarium Advertising


Advertising Aquarius 360, a line of specialty aquariums with different LED lights.


Aquarium Filter System Advertising


Advertising the improved high end salt-water filtration system, the Rapids Pro Filter .


LA Times Real Estate Advertising


LA Times Color Cover and Black & White Advertising for a Los Angeles Residential Community


Axiom Foods Allergen-Free Fiber ad


Axiom foods is the world’s largest supplier of whole grain brown rice protein. Since its inception, Axiom Foods has expanded their product line to offer other plant proteins such as sacha inchi and pea proteins. Axiom Foods recruited CAS Production & Marketing to design a new half page ad for its allergen-free fibers that are all natural and help control hunger, heart disease and control blood sugar. The ad is running in Nutritional Outlook magazine in the February 2013 issue.


Classy Aquarium Advertising


Targeting the high end demographic, a classy approach to advertising aquariums.