Bio-Patches packaging designed

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Bio-Patches is a revolutionary technology that utilizes the ancient Chinese medicine tradition to help detoxify the body while helping you decrease aches and pains, improve circulation and increase energy levels. Based on the principles of reflexology and acupressure, Bio-Patches contains all-natural ingredients including Vitamin C, Bamboo Vinegar, Chitosan, Loquat Leaf, Tourmaline and Dextrin that combine to pull toxins from the body. CAS Production & Marketing created a unique brand identity for the 3 lines: bamboo, lavender and rose, in 10, 24 and 120 piece boxes. The look was carried further into advertising and stationery.

Hemp Protein Packaging Design

Hemp Protein Packaging

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Creating a new line extension, Growing Naturals is adding a line of delicious and nutritious Hemp Proteins to their already successful Rice and Pea proteins products. The new canisters were designed in line with the current, and recognizable layout of products that sell in thousands of stores in the U.S. and in other countries around the world. The blue color differentiates the hemp line from the rice and pea and gives it a fresh new look. The 3D renderings below were custom made to represent the new hemp line, with realistic lights and shadows added in for realism. Rendered in high resolution, these renderings are good for web, print, magazine ads and tradeshow applications.


Interior Property Renderings


For an upcoming Los Angeles-based residential development, CAS Production & Marketing was tasked with created beautiful model unit renderings for the website, brochure and property signage.  The 3D renderings were based on the architectural plans and building style guide and colors created by the development company and interior designers.


3D renderings for Travel Agency

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For an upcoming travel agency offering unique travel deals to exotic locations, CAS Production & marketing was tasked with creating the look and feel of the "store" in photo-realistic 3D renderings.


3D Property Rendering


Based on architectural plans, CAS Production & Marketing creating stunning, photo-realistic 3D renderings for outside signage and the property website. Shown below is the work-in-progress 3D rendering and the final building rendering using for the project.


3D Renderings of Protein Canisters


If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video of a rotating 3D object goes even further. Widely used as marketing and sales tools, spinning 3D objects convey a sense of size, shape and color, whether viewed by retailers, suppliers or customers. These videos of the protein canisters, show the canisters in great color even imitating the light reflections off the gold band on the front and the glossiness of the labels themselves. Spinning 3D Renderings of the Canisters:

Strawberry Rice Protein Packaging

Strawberry Rice Protein Packaging Design and 3D Renderings

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Growing Naturals' new Strawberry Burst Rice Protein joins an already popular line of organic rice and other plant proteins. CAS Production's design for the 1lb and 2lb canisters maintains consistency with the rest of the brand while establishing a unique look and feel with the use of the strawberries, the pink drink and pink theme throughout. Since flavor is one of the key points driving the purchase decision on the store shelves, the delicious strawberry flavor is communicated clearly and beautifully. For presentation and marketing purposes, CAS Production created stunning 3D renderings at high resolution, recreated the material of the canisters, placed actual finished labels on the two size canisters and then added light reflections and shadows for a finished look. The delicious new Strawberry Burst Rice Proteins have now been released to great reviews! You can buy and read more about them on GrowingNaturals.com