Project Description

Growing Naturals’ new Strawberry Burst Rice Protein joins an already popular line of organic rice and other plant proteins. CAS Production’s design for the 1lb and 2lb canisters maintains consistency with the rest of the brand while establishing a unique look and feel with the use of the strawberries, the pink drink and pink theme throughout. Since flavor is one of the key points driving the purchase decision on the store shelves, the delicious strawberry flavor is communicated clearly and beautifully.

For presentation and marketing purposes, CAS Production created stunning 3D renderings at high resolution, recreated the material of the canisters, placed actual finished labels on the two size canisters and then added light reflections and shadows for a finished look.

The delicious new Strawberry Burst Rice Proteins have now been released to great reviews!
You can buy and read more about them on

Strawberry Rice Protein Packaging