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Laundry Machine 6′ mockup ready

Simply SoapBerry's revolutionary natural cleaners will be shown at the Natural Products Expo. Accompanying their new booth will be a double stacked laundry machines mockup. The top machine, has a custom die cut that allows a TV monitor to fit and display through, showing videos having to do with the company's products and uses. The photo below is the front custom-made panel of the mockup display.  

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Protein comparison half-page ad design

A clean, half page ad design to demonstrate a direct comparison between a line of organic whole grain brown rice proteins and other proteins, namely whey protein. The protein-rich (24 grams per serving) products are organic, Non-GMO Project verified and dairy and soy free. Presentation is key when text-heavy ads are presented in a small space, to main a clean feel as to not lose the reader's interest due to over clutter.

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CAS Production-design Simply Soapberry™ Bottles on store shelves

Simply Soapberry™ is is a natural, ultra concentrated, plant-based laundry detergent formulation. It vanquishes grime and stains in a convenient 32oz bottle that provides an amazing 128 HE loads. It's especially cool, in that it is made from Himalayan Soapberries, and so it is natural and softens clothing while it cleans. You can learn more about Simply Soapberry™ HERE CAS Production designed the look and feel of the SSB brand, logo and packaging. The new bottles, just manufactured in Original and Baby versions, are now sold at various markets including Erewhon market in Los Angeles.

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CAS Production-design packaging on store shelves

Photos of Growing Naturals' line of organic raw rice and raw pea protein packages, at Erewhon Market in Los Angeles. The packaging was designed by CAS Production & Marketing, alongside the printed Vitamin Angel shelf-talker. Vitamin Angel uses donations off product sales to provide needed vitamins for needy children around the world. A wonderful cause. http://www.vitaminangels.org Other photos below are from Urban Nutrition, N101, Erewhon Market and Whole Food stores.

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New Brand Identity for Aquatic Line of Products

CNZ has a complete line of aquarium pumps and filters, as well as products dedicated to pond maintenance. A Chinese company already selling their products in China, CNZ decided to enter the US market and required a complete rebranding: a new look and feel to appeal better to the American consumer and compete well on the crowded shelves of pet and aquatic supplies stores. After brand analysis and careful market study, CAS Production & Marketing completed the rebranding project, launching CNZ with a new, sharp and splashy look that suggests quality, high-end products for both the aquatic line (in blue accents) and the pond maintenance products (in the green accents).

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Axiom Foods® Freestanding Banner

Axiom Foods, the world's first, largest and most innovative source for hypoallergenic, whole grain brown rice products, has been a success selling a variety of organic and identity preserved proteins, sugars, milks and syrups for the food industry. For their latest upcoming tradeshow, SupplySide West 2011, held this month in Las Vegas, Nevada, Axiom Foods required a variety of new marketing collateral. From an expanded tradeshow booth, banners and and panel graphics, to new sellsheets, power point presentations, sample jars, and this colorful 84" freestanding banner to display their newest products: Yellow Pea Proteins, black rice, red rice and Sacha Inchi proteins and oils.

  • DblSided-TA-051810

Handbag Hangup™ Packaging

Designed a branded line of single and double sided Handbag Hangup™ as well as cap hangup packages. Now selling at Bed Bath and Beyond® and Target® stores

  • SAS-October2010

Audio Systems Advertising

Audio Systems Magazine Advertising

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Recipe for Men™ Cosmetics

Recipe for Men™ (http://www.recipeformenusa.com), a line of popular Scandinavian cosmetics for men, is entering the U.S. competitive marketplace. Logical Skincare, the company behind the packaging, enlisted CAS Production & Marketing to innovate and treat, both boxes and labels, to better fit the crowded and competitive U.S. marketplace while maintaining the original brand identity, so familiar and successful in Europe.

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The Seacastle Flyer

The Seacastle is a luxury apartment building on the beach in Santa Monica, CA with beautiful ocean views and stylized decor. The double sided flyer, printed on glossy paper with aqueous finish is among the many marketing tools serving the seacastle.