• Printing Laundry Detergent Labels

Laundry Detergent Labels Printing

Having finished design and prepress on new labels for Simply Soapberry, a natural, concentrated laundry detergent, we proceeded to printing. The 7 color flex printing process yielded beautiful results, with excellent color and metallic highlights for a high-quality feel when the final products compete on the croiwded store shelves.

  • Supply Side 20x20 tradeshow booth

Supply Side West 20′ x 20′ tradeshow booth

Supply Side 20x20 tradeshow booth Signing up for the largest tradeshow booth to date, Axiom Foods' embarked on a large-scale presentation of their line of plant proteins for Supply Side West 2014 tradeshow in Las Vegas. Keeping the larger size in mind meant filling up the space with beautiful, colorful messages while maintaining a clean, uncluttered overall feel. Aside from the company's printed collateral, (brochures, sellsheets, etc.), the new additions included: 2 display cases showcasing a variety of products, from pastas and skin creams, to supplements, energy drinks and power bars, all belonging to manufactures who use Axiom's proteins in their products. A colorful panoramic custom video presentation stretching over three 50" plasma screens designed to work in synch and display the Axiom's products, product features and direct applications. Actual Application: Photos from Supply Side West 2014 Click on the photos for a larger view  

  • as-good-as-whey-thirdpage-ad-thumb

Brown Rice Protein vs. Whey Protein Magazine Ad Design

A clean, 1/3 page ad for a natural products magazine, designed to clearly communicate the differences between whole grain brown rice protein versus whey protein.

  • Super Natural Distributors full page ad

Natural Products Company Distributor Ad

For SND's (Super Natural Distributors) magazine, Growing Naturals (www.growingnaturals.com) had CAS Production & Marketing design a full page color ad showing their complete family of rice proteins, pea proteins and rice drinks. The challenge was to present a beautiful, clean ad, while showing the main features and indicias representing the different products, from organic to raw, high in iron to gluten free claims, without cluttering the ad and making it busy.

  • Ingredient Marketplace Show

Tradeshow Design for Ingredient Marketplace tradeshow in New York

Ingredient Marketplace is a comprehensive tradeshow that believes that "What's Inside Matters" as consumers seek products that are healthy, safe, effective and sustainable. For the current show, held in June in New York City, CAS Production & Marketing designed a tradeshow booth for Axiom Foods, that includes the design and implementation of other various marketing collateral: Product overview sellsheets Custom designed powerpoint presentations Product labels Axiom Foods video presentation with animation and music Growing Naturals rice and pea protein canisters See complete project HERE    

  • Lindberg Nutrition

CAS Production-designed protein packaging on retail shelves

Appearing on more and more store shelves across the country, Growing Naturals' popular line of rice and pea proteins have strong shelf presence. The "stand out" factor is due to the strong color, shapes and consistency in the design and brand identity across the line and flavor differentiations. The photo below is at Lindberg Nutrition in Torrance, CA. CAS Production specializes in designing packaging that retains strong retail presence against strong competition including the food and ingredients industry. See our complete packaging portfolio for more examples

  • protein-ad-fullpage-thumb

Not All Proteins are Created Equal – Full Page Ad design

Continuing the message that "Not all proteins are created equal", this ad brings to the forefront of the consumers' mind the notion that plant proteins can do as good of a job as whey and soy proteins, and sometimes even better by building muscles, feeling full longer, recovering from exercise while being allergen-friendly and free of cholesterol and hormones. This direct comparison, full page ad offers the key points while providing further online resources to learn more about plant proteins.

  • Popup booth and graphics

Axiom Foods Popup Tradeshow Booth

A new popup zippa tradeshow booth created for Axiom Foods for their attendance of the WTG American Food Technology & Innovation Summit.

  • Rice packaging featured in national informative campaign

CAS Production-designed packaging featured in Nationwide Campaign

In the "Reach your peak condition on a plant based diet" national campaign, CAS Production-designed Growing Naturals 's rice packaging was prominently featured alongside Growing Naturals brand identity marketing elements, colors and logos. The interview segment was aired 242 times on 239 outlets and viewed by 11.8 million people. Some of the outlets included Animal Planet, Bravo, CNN, ESPN, FOX News, National Geographic Channel, TNT, and the USA Network.  

  • Natural Products Expo West 2014

Natural Products Expo West 2014

CAS Production &  Marketing' clients Growing Naturals® and Simply SoapBerry™ exhibited at the annual Natural Products Expo West 2014 to great reception. Growing Naturals exhibited their rice and pea protein lines while Simply SoapBerry showed their all natural organic-soapberry-made laundry detergents line. CAS Production &  Marketing designed and produced the entirety of the tradeshow booths, signs, banners, packaging, videos, sell sheets and even T-Shirts that were presented and given away at the tradeshow.  Growing Naturals' Booth at the Expo    Simply SoapBerry's Booth at the Expo See more Tradeshow Projects Here