Founded in 2009, Growing Naturals, LLC is about products for people who thoughtfully select what goes in and on their bodies, whether by choice or necessity. Growing Naturals food products, currently including pure plant proteins and rice milk powder, and household cleaners powered by soapberries are uniquely all-inclusive for people who are avoiding irritants or looking for the most natural and beneficial options.

Growing Naturals is committed to developing and clinically testing a continuously growing, high-quality line of plant-based products always available through natural and specialty stores. Through education of applications and benefits to every individuals life, Growing Naturals long-term mission is to cross-over plant-based products into households across the world.

Catering to a target market that values honesty, clean labels and environmental responsibility, spoke to Growing Natural’s products and marketing to have clean, natural colors and layouts. The clutter that often plagues food labels had to be avoided as well.

Growing Natural’s project, a diverse, multi-channel, international reach, includes trade shows in multiple countries, a comprehensive e-commerce website, an ever-growing line of packaging in multiple languages and sales support materials, from sales sheets to point-of-purchase in-store displays and shelf talkers.

Today Growing Naturals’ products are sold in 7 countries and in more than 2,000 stores in the United States.


Brand Identity

Logos and Colors
Growing Naturals’ Brand Identity focus on the natural look and feel that fits their target market encompassing raw foodists, vegans, vegetarians, and the general public who wants healthy plant protein sources and natural products. The main logo includes flowers. From the main logo, a line of logo-extensions has been developed such as the sun version for the protein lines.



Product Packaging

Branding the Package and Differentiations
Growing Naturals packaging focuses mainly on canisters and single serve packets. The ever expending product line currently includes rice protein, pea proteins and rice drinks in multiple flavors and sizes. All Growing naturals’ products carry a similar branded look and feel while maintaining a clear differentiation between the rice products (orange), the pea products (green) and the rice drinks (blue).

International Packaging
To serve international markets, from France and Germany to Canada and Australia, country-specific labels have been created, usually featuring the local language and following that country’s governmental guidelines on food labeling, from certifications to the nutritional panels.



Online Presence



Tradedshow Displays





Sales Support Materials

Sales Sheets
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