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The Seacastle Flyer

The Seacastle is a luxury apartment building on the beach in Santa Monica, CA with beautiful ocean views and stylized decor. The double sided flyer, printed on glossy paper with aqueous finish is among the many marketing tools serving the seacastle.

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Simply SoapBerry™ Bottles

Simply Soap Berry™ a revolutionary new product, uses all natural Himalayan soap berries for concentrated laundry cleaning, available in original and Baby versions. The project called for a fresh and natural brand identity showing the Himalayan mountain origins of the berries without missing the very concentrated & powerful nature of the cleaning solution.

  • goyourownray

Assaf Shemza – Cubo-Futurism Art

CAS Production launched today a new website for Assaf Shemza, a digital artist creating unique art in Cubo-Futuristic styles. Assaf is influenced by various French, Italian, Russian and American artists, such as Picasso and Braque, Popova, Boccioni and David Carson. The art is printed in museum quality on aluminum, canvas, glass and archival paper and available in limited editions. See Assaf Shemza's new gallery-style website HERE Samples of Assaf's work:   Title: "Tilting Thoughts, Moments", Year: 2012 ©Assaf Shemza Title: "Something Inside", Year: 2009 ©Assaf Shemza Title: "Go Your Own Ray", Year: 2013 ©Assaf Shemza Title: "Evolution", Year: 2006 ©Assaf Shemza

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Storm Properties: Commercial and Residential Real Estate Company Website

Founded in 1970, Storm Properties is an active acquirer, developer, owner and manager of industrial and commercial property, with a primary focus in Southern California. A full-service commercial real estate firm, Storm has successfully developed nearly 1 million square-feet of industrial and commercial buildings and more than 400 residential units. The company currently operates a diverse portfolio of industrial, retail, and multi-family properties and land, and is targeting significant growth through further acquisitions. Storm Properties hired CAS Production, Inc. to design and build their new site, featuring their property listings, company info, recent news, and downloadble brochures. The site is content managed and updated by the client.

  • AxiomFoodsGiftbox

Axiom Foods Allergen-Free Fiber ad

Axiom foods is the world's largest supplier of whole grain brown rice protein. Since its inception, Axiom Foods has expanded their product line to offer other plant proteins such as sacha inchi and pea proteins. Axiom Foods recruited CAS Production & Marketing to design a new half page ad for its allergen-free fibers that are all natural and help control hunger, heart disease and control blood sugar. The ad is running in Nutritional Outlook magazine in the February 2013 issue.

  • RiceMilkvanilla

New Growing Naturals Rice Drink Packaging

Growing Naturals, maker products from natural plant proteins such as whole grain brown rice, yellow pea and sacha inchi, has revamped their popular rice milks (drink) line, in original, vanilla and chocolate flavors. The milks are organic, soy and gluten free, whole grain, and contain the same protein as whole milk, and are delicious! This will be the chocolate milk for the lactose intolerant for sure! The milks are in final stages of production and will be available for sale soon in stores and online at GrowingNaturals.com Growing Naturals enlisted CAS Production & Marketing to design the new Rice Milks canisters. The canister design follows a "delicious" blue theme for the milky feel, but also branded together with GN's other rice and pea proteins. Moving away from the previous 1lb bags to canisters offers customers a tighter seal and less mess.

  • biopatches

Bio-Patches packaging designed

Bio-Patches is a revolutionary technology that utilizes the ancient Chinese medicine tradition to help detoxify the body while helping you decrease aches and pains, improve circulation and increase energy levels. Based on the principles of reflexology and acupressure, Bio-Patches contains all-natural ingredients including Vitamin C, Bamboo Vinegar, Chitosan, Loquat Leaf, Tourmaline and Dextrin that combine to pull toxins from the body. CAS Production & Marketing created a unique brand identity for the 3 lines: bamboo, lavender and rose, in 10, 24 and 120 piece boxes. The look was carried further into advertising and stationery.

  • bercovitch-brochure

Custom Dentist Office Brochure

To set Dr. Bercovitch, a high-end Beverly Hills dentist, apart from other dentists, CAS Production created a tri-fold custom-cut brochure using his beautiful office photography, listing his many services and customer testimonials. The brochure design is meant to complement an existing website to create a consistent high-end feel throughout.  

  • HH-Ad091511

Gift Shop Magazine Handbag Hangup ad

Designed and published a new ad for the successful and constantly growing line of Handbag Hangup™, Scarf Hangup™ and Cap Hangup™ products. Currently sold at Bed Bath and Beyond®, Target® and many online retailers, these products are available in different colors and in different patterns and have proven very popular with both men and women.

  • axiomfoods-catalog

Axiom Foods Product Catalog

With an ever expanding line of whole grain brown rice products, and now other ingredients such as yellow pea, sacha inchi, camu camu, quinoa as well as sugars, syrups and Jasmine Rice Varietals, Axiom Foods Inc., a CAS Production client for many years, required a complete product catalog to hand out at the IFT tradeshow in Las Vegas. The solution is a colorful, glossy catalog, saddle stitched inside a custom cut, one-pocket presentation folder. The catalog contains all of Axiom Foods' products, along with a detailed description of their unique services and promise of quality ingredients. Visit Axiom Foods' website HERE